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        Key topics:   ? China Mosaic ? China's Changemakers

        Xi sends letter to World Symposium for Marxist Political Parties

        ?Chinese President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter on Thursday to the World Symposium for Marxist Political Parties, saying that the Communist Party of China (CPC) stands ready to jointly promote the cause of human progress and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind with Marxist political parties worldwide.

        China urges US to immediately work with WHO on COVID-19 origin tracing

        ?China on Thursday urged the United States to immediately work with the World Health Organization (WHO) on COVID-19 origin tracing in a science-based way like China did.

        China's military firmly opposes planned US arms sales to Taiwan

        ?China firmly opposes arms sales to Taiwan by any country and military ties with the island in any form, in light of the fact that the Taiwan question is China's internal affair, a military spokesperson said on Thursday.

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        Small grains change lives – The legacy of Yuan Longping

        Yuan Longping, who developed rice varieties that have alleviated famine in developing countries across Asia and Africa, leaves behind an incredible legacy.


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